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!!!! NEW TENDRILLS (a band I've played in since 2011) IS IN THE WORKS. Go to SLLIRD.NET for TEN.DRILLS !!!!


A solo acoustic album ornamented by meditative improvisations.

I completed a tour with Paco Cathcart called the "Ponzi Roots Tour" in December 2023. A live album from the final night of tour can be found by following this here link.

the entirety of the baltimore show was documented and available to view on the internet archive.


on october 17th, 2022, me and sam were spiritually married in florida surrounded by many friends and family.
frank hurricane officiated the wedding and the union was blessed by Baba L'Salaam.

the wedding tapes: post-wedding show featuring sham, skrewie louie, holy people, laurel levia, alex homan, yes selma, superflower, suzie doogan, & the cradle:

"frank hurricane live at the gulfport casino october 17th 2022" from the wedding night:

Milarepa J-RPG Demo:

MILAREPA AND THE FIVE DEMONS : Inspired by J-RPG's like Final Fantasy, this game tells a story based on the life of Milarepa who journeys into his mind to defeat the afflictions of samsara! The demo is OUT NOW! NOTE: The demo is only currently available for Mac or Windows.

  • DEMO for MAC OS

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