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Delaware Dan explores this episode all about cassette tapes- what and why are they? Featuring Mike Haley from Tabs Out Cassette Podcast in a tell-all interview revealing information about Tabs Out, the Delaware-based Dela-WEIRD Noise Scene and Final Friday shows, and a tragic murder mystery featuring the town in delaware "New Castle". also featured on this episode is tahn from "hungry guys" (see: episode 01) with a strange expertise on cassettte tape history, and music from playmoney, id m thftable, holy people, the cradle, morgan garrett, county conservation district, YES SELMA (NOT yes selmik), plake 64 & the hexagrams, wether, a new newage lifescapes native american flute tape, and many more.... also live review "BRICK BY BRICK" by T. Heidecker, F. Armison, and D. Cupps also a "thrilling" new series from the co-creator of "noise detective: miami slice" from the former "message to you muad-dib" podcast sponsored by delaware dan dirty chai latte enema starter pack (69 edition) No problem!


Delaware Dan reveals more about his relationship with financier and potential rival Bayview Bunky. Also new features include “Illegal Crimes”, “Airin’ Out with Aaron”, and interviews with Dr. David (Corey Thuro) and Frank Hurricane! Featuring music from Field and Superflower! No problem!


Delaware Dan discusses his origins and the mystery of his true identity. Sponsored by Bayview Bunky.

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Delaware Dan unveils the next big project from Delaware Dan LLC... and a big development in the ongoing nefarious Delaware Dan "Delaware Debacles" is revealed.

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