Alexander Homan

Other Projects

I am involved with a number of projects. They are listed in no particular order.


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This project is a Baltimore-based free improvised "supergroup" of sorts. It consists of all 3 members from Bubble Wand (Jordan Romero, Lucas Rambo, Gowl Cien). April Camlin of Wume, Miles Kurtz-Clarke, Suzie Doogan and Katie Shlon ofMems, Wax from Shinji, and also includes Isabella Pittman and Melody Mulshine.



An ever-evolving band that was started by myself and Andi Scotti, wanting to start fresh from the ruins of Lettuce Park. Eventually we added Josh DeLorimier on live visuals, then Nathan Pasko on keyboards and sample manipulation, and later on Esha Kallianpur on keyboards and vocals. In the beginning I just played dual Roland 404’s, and then I ended up just playing electric guitar in the later years. Andi on drums. As of 2022, Tendrills has begun working on new material and officially announced our return as an active band in September 2023.




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The project of Esha Kallianpur (now called "Sky Axe") which I acted as producer and bandmate from 2015-2017. Mostly acoustic, however we tinkered around with synths and keyboards and drum machines later on.


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These two projects are the result of discussions while volunteering at the True Vine Record shop and sipping tea with Dave Heumann. We became friends and started occassionally jamming. Dave plays solo guitar and I manipulate samples for psychedelic textures. "The Sea Caucus" is essentially Heumann Homan Highway plus Dave Bergander (Little Hawk, Celebration, Drums of Life, Boadrum 88), except this time I use live loops and manipulate their sound. Jarrett Gilgore is a recurring collaborator.


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There are actually two versions of this band- the first one called "Spectral Storm Light Band 2012" that was just me, Angie and Teo. The other was entitled “Spectral Storm Light Band 2013” and was composed of Angela Corradino on vocals, Teo Castillon on bass and bongos, Brian Waterman on guitar and sound manipulation, and Jack the dog. I played electric guitar.


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Newark Delaware based band that consisted of Andi Scotti, and at one point included Taylor W., Jim Whitman, Britta Peterson, and Brian Waterman. I played guitar and did sound manipulation as well as getting myself into shenanigans involving drunken absurdity. “Why won't you let us park here?" We wanted to make “aggressively positive sounding music”. Ended badly. However it was a lot of fun and a very important growth experience for me.

More bands:

Amphetamine Pterodactyl: my boy Ray Gedd had some solo folk songs, so we got an amp and started a sloppy punk two piece. I played snare and china cymbal.

Bobdignananthony: named after the comical trio leading the events of the film “Bottle Rocket”. I played the boss rc2 loop pedal with mics and guitars and Kian Sorouri played the Microkorg and Roland 404.

Lazy Edwards: Kian Sorouri, Matt DeDonato, Justin Muzzi. I played a Gibson SG and distortion pedal. Your typical high school rock band, we covered Green Day and Nirvana. We had a few original songs, most notably the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Song, which to this day is only one of two rock songs I’ve ever written. It was the first song I ever wrote with lyrics.